That’s right.

Michael Jackson, Howard Hughes, Amy Winehouse, and Sonny Bono had access to able and famous lawyers and tax shelters of all sorts, but their estate plans were disasters, if not non-existent.

Their heirs have spent fortunes trying to answer the questions that their loved ones never asked. What a waste!  I’ve created a free report to introduce you to the process of estate planning; our goal is to help you with an estate plan which is a lasting gift to those you love.

If you want to learn about estate planning which could give your heirs something lasting and do well what most people fail to do at all, just download the free PDF version of my report!

12 Ugly Mistakes You Must Avoid in Planning Your Estate

will answer these important questions:


  1. What do you need to do to preserve the estate after a close relative dies?
  2. How can I keep my deadbeat son-in-law (or spendthrift daughter-in-law, child’s abusive significant other, or Uncle Sam) away from my beloved’s inheritance?
  3. How could a trust take care of my widow, orphan, or family business?
  4. How does my family avoid the probate court?
  5. What assets pass on to the heirs outside of the will and the probate court?
  6. What sort of person should be appointed executor, trustee, guardian, conservator, etc.?
  7. Why do I need both a power of attorney and a will?
  8. What are the six main parts of an inheritance plan, and what does each part do?
  9. How do I plan inheritances in my blended family without hurting my spouse, children, or stepchildren?
  10. How much does it cost not to have an inheritance plan?

As a bonus, I’ve also included another report, How to Preserve Your Wealth and Stay Out of Probate Court.

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