Can I take all my stuff with me when I die?
What should you look for in an estate-planning attorney?
Could you refer me to a lawyer who practices _____________?
Why is it so hard to find a lawyer to take my case?
Do you make house calls?
Can’t I write out a will by hand and sign it?
Is probate bad?
How much do you charge?
What is a living will? Why do I need one?
What is the difference between a will and a power of attorney?  Can a power of attorney substitute for a will?
What is the difference between an executor and an administrator?
What is intestacy or intestate succession?
My parents have died. What needs to be done most urgently?
My parents have both passed. How do we go about selling their home?
I’ve been named as executor of a will, how fast do I need to act?
I’ve been named as executor of a will. What are the most important things I should do now or soon?
How do I determine the value of my parents’ home after they die?
What do you do when someone dies without a will? Do verbal promises matter?
Mom always told me I’d get everything, but she died without a will. What happens?
My father / mother / loved one has died… where can I find the will?
My parents owned property in Alabama, and they both passed away. What do I need to do?
If the will left me everything, how did my stepmother get almost everything?
Can I prevent a sibling from swooping in and changing my parent’s will?
Who is entitled to the contents of my parents’ home when they die?
When I pass, how do I keep my assets out of my child’s spouse’s hands?
What happens to money in mother’s checking account when she dies?
What is a “paid at death” (POD) account?
If my father dies, does my mother get full title to the house?
Can my homeowners’ association boss me around? Who are they? What are they?
What are some things I ought to know about the local zoning code before I buy a piece of real estate?
What should I know about the title record before I buy a property?

Elderly Law Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have other options apart from a nursing home? What if I want to stay in my own home?
What is the difference between Medicaid and Medicare?
Who is eligible to receive Medicaid and Medicare benefits?
Is it a crime to intentionally transfer assets to obtain Medicaid benefits?
What is long-term care insurance?
Are my rights surrendered when I execute a power of attorney?
Can an advance directive or power of attorney still be changed after I have signed it?
What is the difference between a conservatorship and a guardianship?
How can I adjust to my new role as caretaker for my elderly parent?