Though you might want to “just call a realtor,” a buyer would not be able to get a mortgage or insurance on the property unless the transfer is done right. There needs to be a proper deed from the estate’s executor to get real estate moving after a death.

All interests in land- for example, sales and mortgages- must be in writing. When the owner of land has died, then the real property becomes part of the estate of the deceased. The personal representative of the estate, once appointed, would transfer the property by “executor’s deed” to the rightful heir(s) to do as they wish. In some cases under a will the personal representative is ordered to liquidate all property and distribute the proceeds.

Word of mouth seldom means much in the law of probate and real property. You will need authority from the probate court to sell the house. You need to petition for “letters of administration” if there is no will, and you need to ask the court to probate the will if there is one. Feel free to call us. Sometimes a short consultation can spare much trouble.