James Blount Griffin is an attorney, writer, and lecturer who has spoken to a variety of audiences including engineers, surveyors, teachers, school administrators, lawyers, civic groups, women’s clubs, college students, Bible studies, Sunday schools, and historical societies. He taught history and other subjects long before he went to law school, and as a lawyer he has to break down complex matters into understandable pieces. He has offered thousands of lectures and presentations about law, history, and other subjects over his adult life.

The toughest audiences are small children (who quit paying attention if the story is not accompanied by good props), juries (who are a captive audience of adults), and lawyers. He has seven main topics:

  • Getting dirty, muddy, and perhaps toxic: land-use, environmental, zoning, nuisance, and property law;
  • Ethics (to keep lawyers, engineers, teachers, and other professionals out of trouble);
  • A crash course in estate planning and probate law;
  • Critical things you need to know about elder law and healthcare;
  • Local history, local troubles, and historic preservation;
  • Religious freedom, the Constitution, and American culture clash; and
  • FAQs for God.

He makes only one promise, that is, not to be boring. Each presentation is tailored for the audience, and he knows he must adapt to the listeners in the room rather than stick with a set speech.

To schedule or discuss an event and date, please call (205) 502-2199.